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This Wiki is about Emily's Army, a teenage pop-punk band from Oakland, CA.

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Emily's Army is a punk band from Oakland, California. The band consist of Max Becker (Vocals and Bass), Cole Becker (Vocals and Guitar), and Joey Armstrong (Drums). A former member is Travis Neumann, who played rhythum guitar. He dropped out in the middle of Swim and appears on the cover and the 1st track, 'Alien's Landing' music video. The question about the reason of their parting has been answered very diversely, but he is still friends with the band. All members are aged between 17 and 20. They currently have two studio albums and 1 EP released. The first album, called 'Don't Be A Dick', was released 14th June 2011, with 14 tracks. Their second album, 'Lost At Seventeen', was released 11th June 2013 and has 16 tracks. The EP, 'Swim', was released August 22nd, 2014 and consists of 4 tracks, but originally had 7 tracks. Don't Be a Dick was released by Adeline Records, a company co-owned by Joey's parents, Billie Joe and Adrienne Armstrong. Though for Lost at Seventeen they switched to Rise Records, Billie Joe Armstrong produced the album. Swim is also from Rise. On top of Armstrong's production, various other family members helped with contribution. Natalie Nesser is another realative of Joey's, (on Adriennes side of the family) and did the photography for Lost at Seventeen. Marki Becker is a realative of Max and Cole, and did the graphics for Lost at Seventeen. The band has played at two of the Vans Warp Tours, 2012 and 2013. They have recently toured the UK, playing in cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham and Bridend. 


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